Online Dating by an ASS

Online dating. More accepted than ever before. Everyone knows someone now who met his or her significant other online. In the 90s, anyone you "met" through the internet was assumed to be a 45-year-old creeper targeting young naive girls. Though it hasn't completely thrown off the stigma that it's only for desperate, ugly, creepy, or painfully shy individuals, you can now admit to someone that you've tried or continue to try online dating without the fear of facing a pitying or disgusted expression.

I have joined the online dating community. Rather, make that communities. Over the past year and a half, at different times, I've been a member of JDate, eHarmony, and Match.

I am not desperate, creepy, ugly, or painfully shy. I'm no D-CUP. What I AM, however, is an ASS: astute, social, and single.

Astute: I'm smart and fairly insightful—I notice things. I'm an editor by profession, and thus quite detail-oriented... a nice word, as my boss says, for anal.

Social: I'm not shy. I go up to guys and tell them they're cute. I have no problems in a large group, and I really enjoy being socially active. Yet here I am, trying to meet people online, because I'm still—

Single: Obviously, I am not currently dating anyone.

Maybe this will read too much like a college freshman's thesis statement, but in this blog I intend to share my musings, funny stories, dating adventures, and advice about online dating. I love puns and acronyms that spell funny things. I also love irony and sarcasm, and I find other people's stupidity hilarious. In online dating it's not hard to find.


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