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First Impressions: User Names

Subtitle: What's in a Name?

When I first signed up for JDate, I thought really hard about my user name. The instructions said I should pick something that says something about me, and warned me to think very carefully, because I would not be able to change my user name later.

I wanted something clever but informative. Something that would stand out. Those who know me know how much I appreciate acronyms and alliteration. After much thought, I decided upon NoisyNightOwl. I stay up late, and I'm a talker. And it's an alliteration. I realized only later that it made me seem overly chatty and lazy.

eHarmony doesn't ask for user names. They just use your first name. requires user names. Again, when I signed up for Match, I thought and thought. Finally, I came up with TheEditrix. I thought it was smart and sexy, a feminized version of my job as an editor.

Brutal truth time: I haven't gotten a very good response on 90% of my emails have gone unanswered…