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Nick the Nice Guy: Part 2

See previous post for Nick the Nice Guy Part 1. Obviously.

It was after the second date when no sparks were flying, no kissing was occurring, that I started thinking, well maybe I'm not feeling it because he's being too much of a gentleman... He hasn't made any sort of physical move on me. Maybe if we get a little physical, I'll start feeling the sparks. Maybe I have to create the sparks... maybe they won't just come to me.

So I started turning on the flirt. Giving not-at-all-subtle hints that he could get a little more.... aggressive.... with me. 

Hi, red flag. Nice to meet you.

As any heterosexual male would do when opportunity smacks him in the face, he accepted the offer. On our third date, we went to a bar close to where he lived. He didn't seem too keen on staying there long. Go figure.

And guess what? My brilliant plan had not succeeded. Despite getting physical, I still was not feeling feelings. Are you surprised? All that happened was that I realized…