I joined OkCupid, and I already love it

More to come on my newest online dating venture at OkCupid, but I had to share this.

OkCupid stays free because it has advertising galore. Which I'm okay with. I'll put up with some ads in order to join the site for free. In fact, when there are ads like the following, I even enjoy it!

Find a date, but don't give them chlamydia! Order a free test online now.

It's nice that their ads are so targeted.


  1. Oh boy. Good luck. OKCupid, while it seems to target a slightly higher caliber of guy than PlentyOfFish (another free site, yay), it has some real wackjobs too. lol.

  2. Oh, I know! But there's wackjobs on Match, too! However, my professed love for OkCupid was more a result of a "new site! new faces! OMG!" phenomenon. I'm already disillusioned. It doesn't take long, does it?!

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  4. Yep, that's a targeted ad, alright. Yikes. I fee dirty and I haven't even done anything but click through blogs this morning.


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