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The Evening of a Girl Whose Date Canceled Plans

5:30 pm: At work. About to leave to start getting ready for my date. Receive text message from boy canceling plans for the evening. Reason cited: work.

5:32 pm: Debate sending all manner of passive aggressive text messages. Some aggressive aggressive options cross my mind.

5:34 pm: Settle on the mature and less fun option. No aggression of any kind. My therapist would be proud.

6:48 pm: Forced to leave work by the last person in the building who has a key to lock up.

7:07–7:08 pm: Get home. Get mail. Reduced rate on my car and renter's insurance! Woo hoo!

7:09 pm: Walk in door. Pick up cat. OMGKITTYIMISSEDYOU! DID YOU MISS ME? YES YOU DID, OH YES YOU DID!!@!1 YOU'D never cancel plans on me, right, kitty?! Put all of my misplaced emotions into cat. My therapist would not be proud.

7:23 pm: Forced to stop checking Facebook and icanhascheezburger by my growling stomach. Laziness outweighed by hunger.

7:24 pm: Stare into refrigerator. Contents: Chicken salad from Wegmans. Raw veggies …