About Me

I work as an editor for an educational publishing company. I'm in my twenties and currently in a quarterlife crisis, and I pull out my eyelashes. This is why I call myself Lashes. See my blog about my eyelash pulling at Trich-y Business: A Trichotillomania Blog. I like puns and profound statements.

I'm just having a hard time meeting people... you know, in real life. I don't meet anyone at work. Apparently none of my friends have eligible single male friends. And I never meet guys in bars.

So, I've joined the online dating community. I am not desperate, creepy, ugly, or painfully shy. What I AM, however, is an ASS: astute, social, and single. I intend to share my musings, funny stories, dating adventures, and advice about online dating. I love puns and acronyms that spell funny things. I also love irony and sarcasm, and I find other people's stupidity hilarious. In online dating it's not too hard to find.